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“Why frogs?” / Interview
Project “ FROG CAN FLY ” refers to people, frogs being only actors.
DE I: Why frogs?
Mi-Mi: Because they are small and light.
Can you imagine a Scooby Doo ring for example?
Of course you can, but don’t break your finger…
If you find a real dog set in place of a stone.
But a frog is an actor of a small chamber genre.
One cannot find a better main character for this role in nature
if one wants to develop the theme “A piece of art as a living
None of the fixing locks in the project are made of rubber and
their size is between 3 and 5 centimeters in the waist.
Strict! ... As on a podium. What can one do?- c’est la vie.
It is impossible to fit into somebody else’s shoes.
DE I: What principle was used to select an actor for the role?
Mi-Mi: The only principle: talent and desire to work.
Not all the applicants passed the audition. And,…
there were so many of them.
Some could not stand the intense schedule, some failed
because of personal reasons,
Others thought it was mere “talk-show” …
But the results of selection produced real Stars.
Frogs same as people may possess Star quality and Virtuosity.
It wasn’t necessary to force them to do special or
unnatural movements.
What was most difficult... to wait for a "Revelation"
on their side and not to interfere with this process.
Everybody is gifted in many different ways, and frogs
are not an exception.
Some open slowly and thoughtfully, like Confucius,
Others inflame instantly, like Eddy Chlorophyll,
But the truth is they cool down the very next moment.
Eddy is a natural born comedian.
Eddy is the one and only frog who can so selflessly put his paws
on his tummy and smile with such charm.
Nobody taught him, he just knew how, he was capable
and used it with grace.
He did 2 full days of shooting in the project and then he left.
Afterwards he used to come quite often but ...only as a spectator.
Confucius is unequivocally a Shakespearian character.
He is superb in tragic roles. If the project could continue,
he would make a remarkable King Lear.
But, on September 21st all Moscow frogs go to sleep till spring.
There's nothing to be done about it.
DE I: We hope nobody was hurt?
Mi-Mi: On the contrary, everybody ended up happy.
Siberian Postman and Fly of Destiny now live at our place.
They stopped being interested in mosquitoes and now eat delicious
African cockroaches with tremendous appetite.
They became fat and look contented.
“Freedom and Will” issues are of no relevance at the moment.
At nights they lose themselves singing duets…
interview / “Desillusionist” magazine / 2006
Translation by
Lyan In Su & Steven Brayshaw.

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