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(Being adequate always means being politically incorrect)
... I categorically do not agree with such a concept as “Unconscious creativity”.
I may agree with the term “Switching consciousness over to ”.
An artist cannot do anything in a “common or garden” state of mind.
The world of people does not countenance "Creative" and "Individual",
it can only tolerate It
from a position of "Inevitable”.
But until This happens,
it fights furiously, protecting its calm unchangedness.
We are being taught "Who", "When", "Where", and “What’s new”
at best - from the point of view of techniques and technology.
But "Why"? Why this or that creation WORKS and
why does it have specific influence on the human mind?
What mechanisms of influence are hidden in a scrap of a paper or in a piece of metal?
And "Why" some works have the power to transform the world, and others do not?
"Beautiful" or "not beautiful" are not criteria for estimating creativity.
For "Business", maybe they are good enough, but not for creativity!
"New", “ Not new ” - cannot be used as criteria either.
May be for "Design" it fits when taken as an element of "Business".
But "Business" and "Design" are extremely convenient tools
of "Control" and "Restraint" in the arsenal of the World of Unchangedness.
A piece of art does not work in an informational or mundane field,
It WORKS only in the zone of STATES OF MIND and we perceive it on the level of VIBRATIONS!
Playing with different experiences one can enter different STATES.
Works of art that were created 6000 years ago do WORK PERFECTLY WELL up to now,
and they will WORK while they exist!
Violin, Viola, Bass differ not in size, but in SOUND!
"Design" by itself does not make a piece of art.
It is a “Division of Society”, it was charged in line with "Society", and it can be used
as an "Educational institution" for growing beyond its bounds and that’s about it.
And if a person has outgrown the "Design" and become an Artist,
this person is called "An Artist".
The term is very important! Due to the fact that artists are being kept in the frame of "Design",
the artists lose a colossal amount:
starting from their own, banal "Money" and up to elementary “Freedom to Create”.
"Design" candy is always wrapped in a “100$” banknote, to give it "Smell".
"Design" is a small “concentration camp” of a new type: “Only for the elite”.
The only reason why you are still alive is simply because your earned "Wealth" is not enough
to buy "Rope" and "Soap"... to hang yourself.
And the “Age quota” for "Praise" is given exclusively, according to strict rules,
and only to those who “belong to the Nation”!
Who is right: Tatlin or Malevich? Lombroso or Freud?
... All this has been the history of “Dust” for a long time!
And if some Bauhouse, Russian avant-garde, or Naum Slutsky got lost in Your history,
this is now your problem.
People at an exhibition can feed on the offered STATES "unaware",
but not YOU!
When one takes a shower one simply wants to wash off the dirt,
weariness or excess of electricity.
One has two levers to control the process: one for hot, another for cold.
One doesn’t think about the substances
that the "mad" sanitary technician has dissolved in the water.
But what would you say,
if offered by a chef in a restaurant a portion of cyanic acid in a crystal glass?
or delicious candied cyanic fruits?!... With the best intentions!
The line between the Nuclear Bomb and the Atomic power station is ethereal,
and they use the same principle in their operation...
It’s only the results of their work that differ somehow.
Chernobyl was once a power station, and became an atomic bomb...
- Does it occur to you that it is possible to buy a Rolls-Royce for the price of a bicycle?
…Then, why is it so easy for you to equate "Design" and "Art"?
- "Business" and "Creativity"? Or "Body" and "Soul"? are they easy to compare???
- It is PROFITABLE, because it is easier to sell. But any piece of art is like a child…
- In this case, sell your children and parents for the price of a bald monkey.
- Why not?
Funnily enough the last passage in its essence is more likely to be “accurate",
rather than "heresy".
I don’t like when someone out of mercenary intentions solves his problems
at my expense or artists’ expense.
Of course it is possible to say: Hey, what about people? They also want to possess…
Art and Artists are not a “Social structure” or
“Domestic supplier” for satisfying Your Ambitions. The same goes for faith.
You do not ask a priest to dance Lambada naked on your table, do you?
If Sun and Moon would move in the Sky guided by somebody’s mad "Great" desire,
don’t expect any good.
Art is similar to Miracle, and you do not want Miracle to be "Under control", do you.
“Auction! Orbit of Jupiter on sale!” for example or
“For only 100 $ you can observe the conception of a crown prince!
Hurry Hurry! This is your future King, isn’t it! Besides IT IS SO ENTERTAINING!”
One could think that without your peeping He won’t be born.
When galleries start "to dictate the rules" it is VERY GOOD!
It communicates one thing, that the "Star" not only has survived and got stronger,
but also has turned into a healthy "Cow".
They have … a kind of moral right "to dictate": "What", "How" and "At what price".
In fact that’s Them who was assisting the birth, and nursing... The time has come!
And if the Milkmaids equipped themselves with milking devices,
the cow can only say “Thanks!” for the fact that
they didn’t equip themselves with "KNIVES".
In the court investigating the “Chernobyl Catastrophe” case:
the judge asks the accused: “... You graduated with C-s!...
How could You, a C-graduate, be working as the head of
We would truly not like for our destiny to depend on
inflated "DILETANTES" with false diplomas.... And YOU?
Micha Maslennikov.
Translation by
Yana Tsoy & Steven Brayshaw.

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